Electronic digital Cigarettes and Propylene Glycol


When deciding no matter whether to switch from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, one must first obtain the harmful effects of propylene glycol. Many online know-it-alls have spouted off around the dangers of this compound. “It’s used in anti-freeze” will be the most common defense of this stance. That’s true, in addition. It is used throughout anti-freeze. Not all anti-freeze, imagination you. Just the non-toxic stuff employed to winterize drinking water programs, and any anti-freeze which will possibly be absorbed in the soil. But it sounds bad anyway, doesn’t it. If it’s used for you to de-ice the wings of an airplane, how can it be good with luck? While it is certainly not healthy for you, is it really that will bad?

smoking by !! (J.A.K) !!

Let’s just pretend for just a moment that it is damaging you. Does it definitely matter? Most of anyone smoke cigarettes already, for anyone who is considering switching to electronic cigarettes. Bad cigarettes contain propylene glycol. Circumstance closed.

But it’s pretty good for you. How is it? Propylene glycol is found in smoke machines at clubs and stage shows. We all inhale it there, that is certainly never been an concern. It’s in food colouring, and flavoring, in deodorant, locks products, toothpaste, baby baby wipes, and cosmetics. It’s inside medicines, injectable, oral, as well as topical, and used to retain moisture using foods. It’s in Angostura bitters, to get Pete’s sake. I use that stuff almost every day. People are just jumping on electronic cigarettes simply because are a threat.

This electronic cigarette industry is actually, first and foremost, some sort of threat to big cigarettes, by offering a healthier, healthier, and cheaper renewable for smokers. The stop smoking gurus are threatened due to the fact electronic cigarettes eliminate 99. 9% of the reasons for quitting initially. The quit smoking lobbyist are generally threatened because electronic cigarettes is really a kick in the face to all their laws concerning criminal court smoking. (Believe me, they’re going to eventually try to lump Ecigs within regular smokes, for an even more complete ban. ) Plus the gum companies are frightened because ashtray breath greatly fuels their sales.

All kinds of things, most people who are buying electronic cigarettes are smokers to start with. Electronic cigarettes are 100 times healthier than standard cigarettes. They have no smoke. Ecigs have no smoke at all, just vapor. They can’t light your place on fire, or start forest fires. Electronic cigarettes don’t stain your teeth, or even make your breath foul odor. They won’t be discarded everywhere in the roads and in ditches. The smell won’t stick to your clothes, or your children’s clothes. Electronic cigarettes might be smoked indoors in those cold cold months, or anytime, really, plus don’t require an ashtray. Unlike cigarettes, electronic cigarettes posess zero tar to muck way up your lungs. They also don’t have formaldehyde, or 99. 9% in the other 599 ingredients, which when burned create as long as 4000 chemical compounds. E-smoke is relatively harmless, to your smoker, or anyone in the vicinity.


Folks, if you are a smoker, and intend to keep smoking, do yourself a tremendous favor, and switch for you to electronic cigarettes. It will improve the caliber of your life, and the lives from the people closest to a person.




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